Starter package company setup

Assisting you with the tax registration process, the starter package includes:

Preparation and filing of the tax registration form

Tax assistance during filling the tax registration form Application for German Tax number (Steuernummer)

Application for VAT identification number

for B2B relationship in the EU

Preparation of the opening balance sheet

Electronic filing to the respective tax office Assistance in the following matter

  • Understanding and choose the appropriate regime of turn over tax (actual taxation or target taxation)
  • Understanding and choose the appropriate regime of taxation (normal Business or special regime for small business)
  • Understanding and knowing which VAT rate is applicable to you good and services
  • Understanding and knowing which good and services are free from VAT
  • Calculation of the prepayment for corporate tax as well as Trade Tax Filling automatic debit for the tax office

Assistance by providing a list of documents that the tax office frequently need

Document document

One hour free with our tax consultant so you can ask questions you have

Answers to your tax-related questions
Assistance in financial accounting