Pricing structure

Monthly costs

Service Price* in Euro
Virtual office basic fee, monthly 300.00
Exceeding letter handling from 31st letter per month, each 1.00

Shipment of a letter by post handling fee each

(plus actual postage expenses)


Shipment of a parcel by DHL handling fee each within EU

(plus actual postage expenses)


Shipment of a parcel by DHL handling fee each outside EU

(plus actual postage expenses)

*All prices exclude the German value added tax (VAT)  

The basic fee is payable each month in advance as statet in the contract. To match the legal requirements a permanent invoice will be issued with each contract.
All other services will be invoiced monthly or quarterly, depending on the total amount to avoid unneccessary bookkeeping expenses on both sides.

We accept payment by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.