Frequently asked questions

This is an overwiew of frequently asked questions about virtual office and our services.

How to start ?

You start with the office service contract. That's easy, you can do it online within minutes. Second step is to order a notary to either relocate an existing company or set up a new one or just a subsidiary.

Also we recommend to use the service of the Hamburg Welcome Center - their service is very helpful.

How to register with tax authorities?

There will be a certain tax office (Finanzamt) deidcated to your firm depending of your home country. You find a list of them here. After registering and declaring your business in Hamburg you'll either receive a questionnaire by mail or you cut it short with a download. After filing that questionnaire  a tax number will be allocated to you / your firm. Please check this offer for a starter package.

Who will do the tax declarations?

If you are able you may do it yourself, but we recommend to contract a tax consultant. There are some tax consultants we can recommend to you, just ask.
If you are using Amazon fulfilment services, you may also let Amazon do the tax declaration on your behalf. They do this for unbeatable low costs.