Starting your business in Germany

You are looking forward to start a business or to expand your local business to Germany, we offer you the basics. What ever you are planning, it always starts with a residence for your business.

Indeed, there is an easy way to fulfil all legal requirements without actually renting a physical office space or building:

We offer the registration address

Our residence service is aknowledged by court, tax authorities, trade register, chamber of commerce, municipal offices, banks, telephone providers and all other possible stake holders in Germany.

Remotely manage your business from the virtual office.

We receive your mail
Every working day we receive your letters and parcels. Letters will be scanned and uploaded into your digital mailbox, into a secure German office cloud. The scanned originals will be archived. If necessary we forward the orginals to you.

Spam and fraud mail will be sorted out and shred.
You may not expect this, but there are plenty of costly mail traps you can step in. Every new registered company will receive many letters appearing to be official and necessary to be signed an returned.
They use a lack of legal protection in B2B matters. Even many german business starters fall for this. We are your shield, saving you up to thousands of Euros.

Get a phone number with German country code:
Because the phone is internet based with a german provider, it offers you many benfits. Perhaps you can use it from everywhere on earth, all you need is an internet connection. Your phone will find its server an function immediately. This service is available at low cost.

No long term commitment

Monthly termination of our service
You may change your plans. Opening a business abroad might can be challenging and full of surprises. You might want to draw back or move on one day. When ever this occures, you can always cancel our service with a short notice from month to month. There is no long term commitment, because our virtual office doesn't come with physical package.

Your benefits from our service

It is essential that your business has an official postal address, a local phone and someone who is present to receive mail and parcels. And that's exactly what we offer.

Your official residence
Your official residence

legal business registration

Our virtual offices are fully aknowleded as business registration by German law.

secure business cloud
secure business cloud

digital mailbox

Easy acces to your incoming mail in your digital mailbox.

German area code
German area code

german phone number

German land line number for your incoming and outgouing calls.

Flexible contract terms
Flexible contract terms

flexible conditions

No long term contract - you can leave with short notice.

Summary of benefits

If you sign up with us you get this services:


  • Legal address in Hamburg with your firm / name on the letter box/door plate
  • Digital inbox for your letters
  • Post + parcel service
  • Protection against fraudulent letters
  • German land line telephone number

Hamburg - gate to the world - port to Europe